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Welcome to Yashika College 

Yashika  Girls Degree College, Maanpur, Moradabad


Providing education to the people is the primary duty of any progressive society. Education, thus provided has not only to be universal but also of a very high quality. One of the pre-requisites of quality education is quality teacher for ensuring such teachers; the society has to establish college for the girls for best education. Yashika Girls College have not only to provide the necessary professional education but have also to motivate the girls for service to the society and the nation. It is on the quality of the college that the quality of the students and the progress of the society will depend.

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)
Hindi, English, Urdu, Home Science, Economics, Geography, Drawing & Painting, Sociology, History, Political Science
M.A. (Bachelor of Master)
Hindi, English, Urdu, Geography, Home Science
D.El.Ed (B.T.C.)



Our mission is to educate engineer & managers with the knowledge, skill & creativity to manager our nation’s enterprise competently & confidently with personal integrity & social responsibility so to provide value to and for the Organization they work.

We are committed to discover, share and apply managerial skills in every field of human endeavor our objectives are to enhance the effectiveness of Organization through research, teaching &the practices of management.